Sunday, 28 September 2008

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Godspants off of b3ta makes Mirror journalist look like a twat

I couldn't be arsed thinking of a clever title, sorry.

I'm not a fan of any tabloid in particular, likewise I'm not very bothered about disliking any. I think indifferent is the word I'm looking for. Except maybe the paps who drive like twats and make people's lives a misery by following them round and shouting things like "get yer tits out". No, hang on - that's builders. Except for the bit about following people round because that particular breed of twat can't even follow up a request for a B&Q receipt, a store which would appear to increase its prices by 400% then reduce them all again between the time the twat goes to buy plasterboard and shit and the time I go to look at pot plants and wonder whether I should use all the reduced price left over single rolls of wallpaper to paper a room, and whether people might consider it artistic or just think I'm a twat who really shouldn't be allowed to decorate the inside of a cupboard, let alone a living room that people can actually see from the street.

Anyway, I was on about The Daily Mirror...

Nice bloke Rob Leigh from The Daily Mirror was kind enough to post my animations on his Big Brother blog after spotting them and either having a giggle himself or just needing some old shit to write about, so they can't all be twats.

However, David Anderson, another Daily Mirror reporter type also needed some old shit to write about - specifically the Omonia Nicosia v Man City game (football I believe) and dutifully made the most of his journalistic talents and copied from Wikipedia. Ah... Probably something you can pull off frequently as a journo, as long as you check a few other sources and change a few words no one will ever find out. I guess.

This time, however, someone preempted this behaviour and laid a trap. Wiki vandalism at its best...

"godspants" who appears to be a long serving lurker of b3ta, a website for funny fuckers who can use Photoshop, was responsible for the set up and quite rightly bragged about it afterwards. In his words:
When the UEFA cup draw was made a few weeks ago, me and a friend changed some of the information on the wikipedia page for Manchester City's opponents, AC Omonia.

We included this titbit in the "Fans" section - "A small but loyal group of fans are lovingly called "The Zany Ones" - they like to wear hats made from discarded shoes and have a song about a little potato.".

Today, the Mirror has used part of this in their pre-match buildup.

Fucking excellent.

If I wore a hat made from discarded shoes I would remove it just so as to coin a particular phrase involving removing hats at godspants. However I don't, because I'm not a hat-wearing twat.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

National Lottery in 50p Catch 22 Shocker!

I play online, and why not? Winning the lottery would save actually getting out of bed every morning so playing semi-automatically online saves getting off my arse and asking for a lucky dip. Yes I can't even be bothered to pick numbers myself.

Here's the tricky bit - I've got 50p left in my lottery account, so I need to add some cash. I type in all the right numbers and oh - "your card has expired please update it." 

No problem, it did expire and no surprise I didn't bother to update Lotto. So I type in all the new details and - "sorry you cannot change your card as your account is not empty" or something along those lines.

Now I'm stuck - I can't spend the 50p because there's nothing for less than a quid, I can't put the money back into my account because my card details have expired and I can't update my details because I have 50p in there.

Which means I actually have to make the effort to pick up the phone and speak to a person! Actually maybe there's an email link...