Wednesday, 3 September 2008

National Lottery in 50p Catch 22 Shocker!

I play online, and why not? Winning the lottery would save actually getting out of bed every morning so playing semi-automatically online saves getting off my arse and asking for a lucky dip. Yes I can't even be bothered to pick numbers myself.

Here's the tricky bit - I've got 50p left in my lottery account, so I need to add some cash. I type in all the right numbers and oh - "your card has expired please update it." 

No problem, it did expire and no surprise I didn't bother to update Lotto. So I type in all the new details and - "sorry you cannot change your card as your account is not empty" or something along those lines.

Now I'm stuck - I can't spend the 50p because there's nothing for less than a quid, I can't put the money back into my account because my card details have expired and I can't update my details because I have 50p in there.

Which means I actually have to make the effort to pick up the phone and speak to a person! Actually maybe there's an email link...

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ScrapShed said...

You can spend your 50p... there are cheap instant win games for 25p and 50p that you can play!

Good Luck and share any winnings wiv meeee! :o)