Thursday, 22 January 2009

As Good Today as Always from Hovis

This ad starts off with a boy in 1886 (when Hovis was formed) holding a loaf under his arm.

During his journey home events from periods of British history occur around him.

He ends up at home in the modern day not having aged a bit, and plonks the loaf of bread on the table.

Well I'm sorry but I don't care how many preservatives you put in it, it would be off by then.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bad Loser! (DS Lite)

I bought one of these DS Lites over Xmas and a copy of Mario Kart DS cos I used to play it a decade ago on SNES. It's lime green (yuk) but at least that's better than pink. There were no other colours available.

I can manage to steer the thing around the track and do okay. After a week a friend told me you can play with other players over Wifi - I completely missed that point! So when I got home, I did just that. I wasn't very good but I knew this anyway but still came 3rd (out of 4!).

On the 4th round of my second game, 2 people had already bailed by that time and I was left playing against some guy who had what looks like a custom kart - I'm assuming as you play it upgrades your options - not only did it look like a custom kart but he was the last to choose character so I'm also guessing he was sat there working out what options worked best to his advantage.

I wasn't bothered, it's a game and I expected to lose because he or she was good.

Anyway, several seconds in to the first lap of last round (s)he fell off the edge. Guess what happened next...

"Your opponent has disconnected."

He'd turned off his DS so that he didn't get a lose. Chances are I would have fallen off at least once also, but I would have carried on anyway.

What a f------g bad loser.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Department of Health Change4Life - Subliminal Advertising?

Subliminal advertising is banned in the UK, I'm guessing this only applies to split-second images.

Only recently we had the loan ads with that bloke allegedly on the phone to a loan company commenting "a little rain never hurt anyone". Yeah, like taking a loan doesn't affect your life! What on earth was the call centre operator asking that bloke anyway?

More recently there's that cartoon type advert from the DoH telling us to stop sitting around playing Xbox, getting fat and being lazy sods. Fair enough, but I spotted this little, rather innacurate, subliminal hint-

A car is seen crossing the sceen with the words "COMFY CAR" on it. Fine, usually cars are comfy, but then a bus enters the frame with the words "MORE COMFY BUS" on it.

Not only is this subtle hint completely wrong - I've never sat on a bus that's "more comfy" than a car, in this instance the bus is also seen overtaking the car!

I know they have good intensions, but that's cheeky subliminal advertising IMO.

The Change4Life ad can be seen on visit4info