Monday, 20 July 2009

Homewrecking bitch Penguin Linda!

Boy Penguin Harry meets Boy Penguin Pepper.

Boy Penguins raise baby penguin.

Homewrecking bitch Penguin Linda, widowed, woos Boy Penguin Harry.

Boy Penguin Harry goes off with homewrecking bitch Penguin Linda.

Boy Penguin Harry leaves homewrecking bitch Penguin Linda and is reunited with Boy Penguin Pepper.

Here’s a video explaining Harry & Pepper's parenting skills before that tart Linda came along:

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Karly Ashworth's tattoo revealed!

So, Carbon Copy Karly's "boyfriend" Kenneth Tong has gone into the house just as Karly is evicted. Boo freaking hoo like he cares anyway. The way he speaks of Karly isn't that of lovers at all. Am I actually now feeling sympathy for Karly?

Anyhoo, using NASA technology we've managed to zoom in on an image of Karly's tattoo and clean it up. The results are, well, expected.

Click here to view the tattoo.

Compare the Siakat

One of Siavash's funniest moments in the Diary Room

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Goodbye iTunes, Hello Ziepod

For ages now I've moaned (mostly to myself) about iTunes taking up a whopping 3 million gigabytes of precious hard-drive space. I may have also been exaggerating to myself too.

I only use it as a podcast aggregator, so it's a little outrageously large for my needs.

After a bit of searching a Download Squad blog led me to Ziepod, which is bloody great. I usually listen to podcasts at home as opposed to the usual out-and-about because I'm quite content with what's available via the magic invisible FM radio waves.

Ziepod lets me stream podcasts instead of downloading by default, saving more precious hard-drive space. It docks neatly and doesn't ask me to download Quicktime and Safari every time I start it. It also let me export my subscriptions, unlike iTunes, which was useful when I decided to put it on the other PC.