Sunday, 5 July 2009

Goodbye iTunes, Hello Ziepod

For ages now I've moaned (mostly to myself) about iTunes taking up a whopping 3 million gigabytes of precious hard-drive space. I may have also been exaggerating to myself too.

I only use it as a podcast aggregator, so it's a little outrageously large for my needs.

After a bit of searching a Download Squad blog led me to Ziepod, which is bloody great. I usually listen to podcasts at home as opposed to the usual out-and-about because I'm quite content with what's available via the magic invisible FM radio waves.

Ziepod lets me stream podcasts instead of downloading by default, saving more precious hard-drive space. It docks neatly and doesn't ask me to download Quicktime and Safari every time I start it. It also let me export my subscriptions, unlike iTunes, which was useful when I decided to put it on the other PC.

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