Saturday, 23 August 2008

Mario to propose to Lisa on TV

Evicted Big Brother 2008 housemate Shaun Astbury (AKA Mario Marconi) is to re-enter the BB house to propose to his girlfriend.

Astbury, who has been clawing his way onto reality TV shows for several years before making it onto Big Brother, will be given entry to the garden on Sunday where he will propose silently by holding up cards.

I'm sorry but his proposal to Lisa live on TV is the shallowest of proposals ever.

If BB bosses making you propose by holding up cards instead of using your own voice - and asking properly - isn't enough for you to say "actually, you know what, forget it" then you are the attention seeking fool that we all* believe you to be.

It shows without a shadow of a doubt that Shaun Astbury (Mario) is more interested in becoming famous than he is in his proposal of marriage to his girlfriend. It's an insult to people who want to propose with the right sentiment.

Lisa, though, will think it's amazing. Unless of course it's just as the majority believe - that it's blatantly obvious it was planned from before they went in the house. Is that why her eyebrows are permanently fixed - so she can portray a look of surprise?

Out of all the housemates he is the biggest wannabe. It's quite sad really, so shallow, so transparent.

I'd rather watch Rex egocentrically console Nicole as she sulks about a can of cider. At least that's honesty in motion.

* with the exception of Iain Lee who can be fogiven because I love him.

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