Sunday, 24 August 2008

Lisa: "the flowers knew it"

I was fortunate enough today to have been sleeping during Shaun "Mario Marconi" Astbury's incredibly sentimental and sincere proposal to Lisa Appleton live on television by means of placards through a window.

But of course since I view the Digital Spy forum at least 20 times a day I discover Lisa's made a wonderfully logic and sensible comment about the bouquet of flowers she caught at the fake wedding in the BB House between Shaun and the lovely Stephanie...

Apparently, Steven Hawking I hope you're reading this, apparently the flowers knew it was her turn next.

Yeah, that's right. The flowers knew. Did the bees tell them Lisa? Perhaps the wasps were hanging around when you were doing that task with chewing gum because they were trying to send you a message. Wasps get on well with bees Lisa. Well, they support the same team at least judging by their tiny yellow and black shirts.

So, nothing to do with you being 6 foot 2, towering over the rest of the housemates then?

Still, I believe congratulations are in order.

Congratulations, Shaun, on your embarrassingly shallow proposal. I'm sure you and Lisa will make a great couple and have a wonderful wedding, despite the fact that your already married.

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