Monday, 2 March 2009

Dog years, WFT?

Dog years. What's the point of dog years? Who invented dog years? Bloody dog lovers probably - you know the type - the kind of person who sees absolutely nothing wrong with letting their mouth be licked by the tongue of an animal that will happily eat sick and poo then cleans itself with the same tongue "it's kissing me", no actually it's trying to make you vomit so it can eat it (look it up).

So- one dog year = 7 human actual years.
How old's your dog?
He's 6, but that's 42 in dog years.
No, it's six. It's been alive for 6 years. We all know how long six years is. No-one else does this nonsense...

Oh nice tattoo, when did you get that done?
Ooh about 3 years ago, that's 18 in tattoo years. I had it done that time I went to LA for a month, which is 8 months in LA months with the current exchange rate. Anyway must go, I need to get some food for my cat. It's 386 years old today.



Dave said...

Stop moaning, Dogs age faster than humans, so humans use the 7:1 ratio of the average death of dogs and humans. So..

The dog is 2 years old.
It will 14 years old in development.
Dogs lick you just to lick you. Not to make you vomit you freak. I hope you notice how much of a nob you sound.

Dave said...

Oh yeah and make another most farted. That stuff is funny as man!